Meet us on the BouwBeurs in Utrecht!

Meet us on the BouwBeurs in Utrecht!

The BouwBeurs, Northern Europe’s leading trade fair for the construction industry, will be held from Monday 4 to Friday 8 February 2019 in Utrecht (the Netherlands).

VERTIC will be exhibiting with DELTA PLUS on booth A074 the whole week. Come and meet us to discover our fall protection and P.P.E. solutions!


Feel free to contact us to get your free invitations, by email at


See you soon!


Opening hours
Monday – Wednesday: from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm
Thursday: from 9:30 am to 9:00 pm
Friday: from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm

VERTIRAIL-transstockeur-VERTICCH-securite hauteur

A stacker crane system secured by VERTIC Switzerland!

Let’s go on a tour to Bern! Where our subsidiary VERTIC Suisse was a few weeks ago, to support a partner in securing its stacker crane system.

Fully automatic, this system just picks up the goods stored in the shelves as needed. This one is also equipped with ladders, which allow regular inspections throughout the year.


It is precisely to ensure the operators safety on these means of access, that VERTIC has installed 75 meters of VERTIRAIL vertical fall protection rail.

A small constraint just came up: the need to immobilize each stacker crane for a maximum of 2 hours.


Challenge accepted and perfectly met! The five 15m-VERTIRAIL were pre-assembled, and the installation took finally 1h30 per ladder, including dismantling of the old existing system!


Congratulations to the teams!

VERTIC, committed to environmental protection: launch of the QR Code project!

Since March 2018, VERTIC & ALPIC group has been ISO 14 001 certified. This certification is only the result of our long-standing commitment to environmental protection.

We have always been aware of the impact that everyone has on the planet, and thus work daily to control and reduce our impact on the environment.

In this fight against pollution and deforestation, we are committed to “0 paper” and started to completely remove the printed installation manuals that were previously added with our products.


From now on, you will find QR Codes on our products labels. Scan them and you will directly have access to the relevant installation manuals.


For more information, please feel free to consult this document or contact us through our online form!

VERTIC & ALPIC have a sweet break

A year and a half ago, we installed our first hives on the roof. Summer is here and it is time for our teams to harvest the honey!

After having collected the honey supers on each hive and removed the wax lid closing each alveolus, our collaborators use an extractor to collect naturally the honey. And so nothing gets lost, the remaining wax and the rest of the material used during the extraction, are left outside so that the bees come to get the remaining honey.


Now it’s time for maturation, before potting and tasting!


VERTIC & ALPIC are fully committed to the protection of biodiversity and sustainable development. ISO 14001 certified, we manage strictly waste and implement actions to reduce our environmental impact on a daily basis.


Focus on… the International Olympic Committee’s (I.O.C.) project in Lausanne

Focus on… the International Olympic Committee’s (I.O.C.) project in Lausanne

The construction of the new I.O.C. headquarter in Lausanne is close to the end. Its sophisticated architecture has been designed to convey the energy of an athlete in motion. However the master piece remains the central staircase opened to the outside and representing the overlapping Olympic rings.


Closed by a huge skylight, this opening requires a regular intervention of cleaning and maintenance operators. In order to enables them safe and easy work in suspension, VERTIC Suisse (Switzerland) has installed nearly 170 m of ALTIRAIL fall protection rail system all along the glazed façade.


Installation of an ALTIRAIL fall protection rail for suspension work on the new CIO building in Lausanne


Unique through its architecture, so is also this project through its LEED® environmental certification. This eco-responsible building is totally committed to energy performance and environmental respect. Choice of material, water efficiency, work environment,…all these criteria are part of the evaluation to get the LEED® standard.

External partners need also to comply with these requirements. Certified ISO 14 001 v.2015, VERTIC Suisse has been able to provide its Significant Environmental Aspects (S.E.A.) and precise life cycle analysis of VERTIC’s ALTIRAIL system. In other words, all the action plans implemented to measure and reduce its impact on the environment.


Congratulations to them!



To go further: what is LEED®?


LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a North American standard created in 1998 by the U.S. Green Building Council (U.S.G.B.C.), which is a non-profit government organization. It aims to certify new construction projects or building renovations, whether they are tertiary, logistics, institutional or private.


Based on rating criteria such as optimization of water consumption, energy & atmosphere, materials & resources, or indoor environmental quality, …, it provides every tools professionals need to:

  • improve their buildings quality,
  • measure their impact on the environment,
  • reduce their operating costs,
  • improve the construction quality and the building itself.



Retractable walkway: a tailor-made solution dedicated to limited spaces

VERTIC is above all a team of engineers dedicated to the development of tailor-made fall protection solutions fitting your needs. We run an in-dept study of your working environment, safety needs and requirements, to design a tailor-made solution adapted to your teams’ activity.


This retractable walkway is one of our several tailor-made projects. Installed on two ALTIRAIL horizontal fall protection rails, it unfolds to allow the operator safe access to the tank just below.


You have safety issues and need our teams’ support?

Do not hesitate to contact us!


LIDL & VERTIC celebrate their one year of collaboration!

LIDL & VERTIC celebrate their one year of collaboration!

It has been one year since the beginning of our partnership with the German company LIDL, which has been established in France for nearly 25 years. Awarded for 4 consecutive years as “Best Retail Chain in all categories“, the company has also been working on the modernization of its stores and strengthening its presence in France.


VERTIC, the company S.T.S. Sécurité Toitures Services & the DELTA PLUS group, have mobilized specific resources to meet LIDL’s safety requirements and needs.
At this point, more than 80 stores have been secured with collective protection: crinoline ladders and nearly 22,000 meters of guardrails!


Proud of this partnership, we would like to give a special thank to LIDL for their trust and to all the teams for their investment.

SUNZIL & VERTIC, une successful collaboration

SUNZIL & VERTIC, a successful collaboration

What if we just go for a tour in the Islands?

Today we’re taking you to the French overseas departments & territories, visit the SUNZIL’s photovoltaic installations!


Worldwide manufacturer of photovoltaic plants, SUNZIL belongs to the TOTAL & EDF Group. For 2 years, we have been working together to secure their installations located in the Islands of Reunion, Martinique, Mayotte, Guadeloupe and Guyana.


To install within the given time the required fall protection solutions on the 530 structures, VERTIC has dedicated a specific team composed of 2 engineers and 10 installers: a great success!


Congratulations to them!





  • Fall protection solutions installed: horizontal lifeline systems (ALTILIGNE & BATILIGNE), anchor points, simple and caged ladders, fall protection rail system (ALTIRAIL)
  • Average time spent on each installation: from 1 to 2 days
  • Number of lifeline meters installed: 27 300 meters
  • Number of anchor points installed: 6 725 units
  • Management of 4 VERTIC offset stocks
  • April to Mai 2017 : 90 sites secured i.e. 6 000 kWp


  • Reunion (Island): 127 sites – 13 000 kWp
  • Martinique (Island): 148 sites – 9 800 kWp
  • Mayotte (Island): 30 sites – 4 300 kWp
  • Guadeloupe (Island): 192 sites – 13 300 kWp
  • Guyana (Island): 26 sites – 2 200 kWp
  • Total kWp : 42 600
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